Thursday, June 23, 2005

Well~ I havent been here for a couple of days- but it sure doesnt look like I missed much! Ahhh well- I have decided to share a couple of more pictures that- really get me wet around the edges- ohhh wait- I am almost ALWAYS wet around the edges! So- more wet. I find I am frequently playin with myself to these two images and so thought I should share. In fact that is why I didnt post yesterday- most of my day was spent playin with myself. (And fighting with the programs to upload these photos for you to see!)
But back to the playin with myself- I look at these photos and damn I wish I could just rub them against my wet hot hole and feel that rock hard cock inside of me!...funny thing- I just cant help myself.... thinkin there is somethin wrong with me and maybe I am becoming addicted to sex- not just sex with other people- ANY sex...with myself even! It just feels SO good- sometimes- I open up the curtain and window in my bedroom and hope the neighbors might happen to glance in and see my naked legs stretched out and hear the buzz of my vibrator as I slowly build up to 'high' speed and start to pump my ass up off my bed. Altho- it isnt the BEST sex ever- it sure does satisfy that tingle I feel in my pussy !!! Ohhh i am beginin to feel that familiar tingle now just thinkin about it...
Well- better go- I have some peace and quiet and want to go play with myself again...

MMmmmmm- swollen,angry red cock trapped by a cord with which to lead it around! Oh YEAHHH!! Posted by Hello

This is the best use I have ever found for my panties! For a man to wrap his rock hard cock with them and start stroking- slowly...then ....yeah- you guessed it- squirt all over them! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Nancy's Play Ground
I have made a couple of changes here but not many. I am enjoying the process here and so PLEASE check back often as I will be posting more pictues as well as possibly starting a storytime journal.

Monday, June 20, 2005

I have to say that the thought of this is really turning me on- altho- I really wish that SOMEONE- ANYONE would come and play with me.... even if only to tell me what a REALLY bad and nasty girl I am for wanting to do this!

!!! :-P This is a favorite! Just waiting for someone to come play with me!!! Posted by Hello